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    rewriting history

    Rewriting history We all come with baggage Things that happened to us as children; as teenagers and as adults Maybe a family member was insensitive to our needs; perhaps there was cruelty either accidental or intentional. There is remorse or regret over something we did: maybe we were the bully ; or we were the abuser. At times the victim becomes the victimizer. You can gaze at the past but do not dwell on it. We have learned – through self help books and therapy that we need to ‘work through’ our issues; which we dutifully do – we journal; talk about it; cry over it; confront the individuals that…

  • mind - body - spirit through song

    Living in the Past

    Lyrics: Happy and I’m smiling Walk a mile to drink your water you know I’d love to love you and above you there is no other. We’ll go walking out while other’s shout of war’s disaster. Oh, we won’t give in, let’s go on living in the past. Once, I used to join in every boy and girl was my friend. Now, there’s revolution, but they don’t know what they’re fighting. Let us close our eyes; Outside their lives go on much faster. Oh, we won’t give in, We’ll keep living in the past.