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Loyalty – I wrote this and posted it elsewhere, thought it should go here as well.

In Santería, Obba is the faithful wife of Changó. She is tricked into believing that if she cuts off her left ear and puts it in her husband’s soup, it will cast a magic spell on him and make her more attractive to him. More attractive than the women he philanders with. The woman that he is having the affair with, is in fact, the one that tricks Obba into cutting off her ear.
Morals of the story: don’t use magic to get your way; look more closely to see what the real problem is; don’t base your decisions on fear.

Obba is known as a warrior, an inventor, a fierce Orisha who also happens to be loyal. Children of this Orisha are also loyal and also have to watch out that they don’t make fear based decisions. They have to look closely at the situations that trouble them and not repeat the same non-working solutions. They have to remember that they are warriors. Fidelity is not a weakness; loyalty is not a character flaw. Remember and remind yourself of your strengths and your fierceness. Remember what is good in you, and if others do not see it, this does not diminish your value.

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It’s a great message worth repeating. Too often people feel badly about themselves based on others’ reactions. Knowing our motives and believing in ourselves is life affirming.

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