Using toning for meditation

Imagine you start your vacation after a long extended time working very hard. It’s your first day on vacation and you finally get to the hotel, you plop yourself down on the bed and say….’aaaah’.

Often we treasure our vacation times and resign ourselves to not experience that level of relaxation except on those few and far between, times off.

What if, though, you could get to that state of relaxation by saying the word ‘aaaaah’? This is toning.

Toning is the conscious pronunciation of extended vowel sounds that can have impact in other parts of the body. It is not chanting nor singing.

If you sit yourself down, comfortably, for 10 minutes a day, and say ‘aaah’ – or any other vowel sound that you prefer – repeatedly through each elongated exhalation – you will get to a more peaceful state of mind.

using sound for healing and transformation

Sound is vibration. The range of audible sound is small compared to the actual range of sound that exists in the universe. Music, noise, speech, sound, ultrasound, infrasound. ‘Acoustics’ is the ‘study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids. “Cymatics’ is the study of visible sound.

Sound is energy. When we think about energetic healing, sound is not usually what comes to mind. We think about chakras, auras, reiki, therapeutic touch, bodywork…

Sound is healing. The difference between music and noise is that music is rhythmical, has sounds that harmonize with eachother. Noise is sound that is random, disorganized and does not harmonize.

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