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    Stages of Change and the Chakras

    The Stages of Change is a ‘transtheoretical model of behavior change’ that discusses the steps a person goes through before making a change. There are 5 stages in this model: 1) precontemplation 2) contemplation 3) action 4) maintenance 5) relapse. Precontemplation Have you ever told someone they need to ‘do something’ about a particular behavior and they look at you like you’re nuts? They are in the precontemplation phase. They do not see this behavior/issue/situation as a problem. This could be addictive behavior such as smoking or drinking; or it could be whether or not eating GMO food or watching TV is something to be concerned about. A person in…

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    Blood, Sweat & Tears and the Chakras

    Just being playful, really, I don’t really know if this band or the lyricist was thinking about chakras when they wrote this, but in listening to the lyrics I found it to be a fun association and a way of beginning a discussion about chakras. The word ‘chakra’ is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ or ‘spinning’.  There are varying levels of energy vortices within our bodies that supply us with vitality.  C.W. Leadbeater wrote about chakras in the early 1900’s, and he stated that the physical body needs 3 things to be alive:  1) food 2) air and 3 ) vitality – energy that comes from Universal Life Force, or prana. The…

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    chakras and sound healing

    The Chakras The chakras are represented by the seven colors of the rainbow: red – orange – yellow – green – blue – indigo – violet.  As one goes up the ‘shushumna’ through the chakras, there is an increasing energy level, an increasing vibration just as the colors of the rainbow increase in their vibration as they move from red to violet. Categorizing the above colors and sounds into 7 elements is essentially creating artificial boundaries and limiting what is really an infinitely vast spectrum of light and sound.  It is a simplified way of conceptualizing the energy work that is being done and it is intended to help develop…

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    Using toning for meditation

    Imagine you start your vacation after a long extended time working very hard. It’s your first day on vacation and you finally get to the hotel, you plop yourself down on the bed and say….’aaaah’. Often we treasure our vacation times and resign ourselves to not experience that level of relaxation except on those few and far between, times off. What if, though, you could get to that state of relaxation by saying the word ‘aaaaah’? This is toning. Toning is the conscious pronunciation of extended vowel sounds that can have impact in other parts of the body. It is not chanting nor singing. If you sit yourself down, comfortably,…

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    using sound for healing and transformation

    Sound is vibration. The range of audible sound is small compared to the actual range of sound that exists in the universe. Music, noise, speech, sound, ultrasound, infrasound. ‘Acoustics’ is the ‘study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids. “Cymatics’ is the study of visible sound. Sound is energy. When we think about energetic healing, sound is not usually what comes to mind. We think about chakras, auras, reiki, therapeutic touch, bodywork… Sound is healing. The difference between music and noise is that music is rhythmical, has sounds that harmonize with eachother. Noise is sound that is random, disorganized and does not harmonize. Welcome to this site where…

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    Living a multi-dimensional life

    Living a multidimensional life One dimension One dimension is a line – a line connects 2 points. . This line does have movement – one step forward , 3 steps back… but it does not get you anywhere. We only recognize one dimensional living in others: ” why don’t you just go right? Or turn left? It’s easy and impossible at the same time. So much shame. Are you living a one- dimensional life? Are other people loading you with seemingly simple solutions that you just cannot do? What would that look like? Being a point on a line is the ultimate in stuckness – you can only go back…

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    Peace be with you

    I’ve been going to church fairly regularly lately. Now that I’m going, I even listen to the message of the priest. I sit in the wooden church pews. It seems all churches that I have been to have wooden church pews. So today, sitting in a courtroom as part of my day job, I am sitting in a wooden pew. Defendants in front of me, standing before the judge and family members behind me, awaiting judgment. As the DA quotes all the statements made by each defendant, the court gets quieter, the young men sound guiltier. Bail is requested for each based on the nature of their stated involvement. family…

  • Morning Prayers and Affirmations

    Morning Prayer 1

    Morning meditation Morning prayer listen to me, tell me what to do guide me, clear the air hold my heart whisper in my ear lead me down the path towards growth let me not trip myself up or hold myself back consciously unconsciously help my mind and my heart work together give my voice force help my still waters splash silence may be golden but becoming known letting my self be seen allowing my voice to be heard takes courage also help me blossom ripen bloom into higher consciousness into light

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    Loyalty – I wrote this and posted it elsewhere, thought it should go here as well. In Santería, Obba is the faithful wife of Changó. She is tricked into believing that if she cuts off her left ear and puts it in her husband’s soup, it will cast a magic spell on him and make her more attractive to him. More attractive than the women he philanders with. The woman that he is having the affair with, is in fact, the one that tricks Obba into cutting off her ear. Morals of the story: don’t use magic to get your way; look more closely to see what the real problem…