Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a psychotherapeutic tool that helps to expand consciousness. It helps an individual access their own inner wisdom that lies just beyond their own awareness. GIM uses music, classical music, that is carefully selected to facilitate an individual’s journey. In ‘guided imagery’, the guide is the music, not the therapist.

Before going through a GIM session, you sit down with the therapist and explore your intention for the work you want to do. You then lay down, or lay back in a chair. You listen to the music and the music guides the experience. You will come up with images, feelings, kinesthetic experiences that take you on an experiential journey that will touch on your intention. As long as you ‘go with the flow’, allow the music to lead you and don’t try to impose your will or your sense of what ‘seems right’ or that has a ‘logical’ progression of events, you will have an experience that will lead you to a greater understanding related to your intention.

As with just about everything in life, you get better at using GIM as you get more familiar with it and are better able to relax, set aside your self-consciousness and enter into the music.

I will be going into the final Level III phase of my training in conducting GIM sessions this year, participating in a series of trainings and supervised GIM sessions over the next couple of years that will enhance and expand my skills. In my psychotherapy practice, I have facilitated GIM sessions individually with clients, alternating GIM sessions with standard ‘talk therapy’. I have found that it is a very useful intervention that enables an individual to access deeper aspects of their own truths that sometimes lay just beyond their active awareness.

I hope to offer up to you information related to GIM as I move along in this work. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

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