The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music

Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a psychotherapeutic tool that helps to expand consciousness. It helps an individual access their own inner wisdom that lies just beyond their own awareness. GIM uses music, classical music, that is carefully selected to facilitate an individual’s journey. In ‘guided imagery’, the guide is the music, not the therapist.

Before going through a GIM session, you sit down with the therapist and explore your intention for the work you want to do. You then lay down, or lay back in a chair. You listen to the music and the music guides the experience. You will come up with images, feelings, kinesthetic experiences that take you on an experiential journey that will touch on your intention. As long as you ‘go with the flow’, allow the music to lead you and don’t try to impose your will or your sense of what ‘seems right’ or that has a ‘logical’ progression of events, you will have an experience that will lead you to a greater understanding related to your intention.

As with just about everything in life, you get better at using GIM as you get more familiar with it and are better able to relax, set aside your self-consciousness and enter into the music.

I will be going into the final Level III phase of my training in conducting GIM sessions this year, participating in a series of trainings and supervised GIM sessions over the next couple of years that will enhance and expand my skills. In my psychotherapy practice, I have facilitated GIM sessions individually with clients, alternating GIM sessions with standard ‘talk therapy’. I have found that it is a very useful intervention that enables an individual to access deeper aspects of their own truths that sometimes lay just beyond their active awareness.

I hope to offer up to you information related to GIM as I move along in this work. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information.


Holding on to the Earth

Holding onto the earth
Root chakra
The legs are extensions of the root chakra. When something in our life throws us for a loop, we tend to lose our sense of innocence about our ability to remain on the earth. Our feet grow thick burly roots, making sure our feet are planted firmly on the ground, so we can be secure in the knowledge that we won’t be flung completely off the earth this time as it rotates around the sun.

You’ve been holding on to the earth. Your feet are in pain, you have limited movement. You have made staying grounded your job, to make sure everything is in its right place. But now you are becoming aware that your sense of groundedness feels more like being stuck.

Foot Meditation
This meditation is for your feet. For those of you who want to let go and let gravity do it’s job. You and your feet no longer have to do gravity’s job. It’s time to let your feet do their own job: walking, climbing, descending. Your feet get you places and take a beating along the way. Holding onto the earth is not in their job description. Let the earth do it’s job of holding on to you. You can do this short meditation anytime you feel stressed or your feet feel extra tense.

Imagine your feet with suction cups on your soles. Sit somewhere and wriggle your toes. Focus on each one individually. Then, slowly lift your feet, and as you do – imagine each suction cup ‘popping’ and letting go of its grip on the earth. Now lift one foot a couple of inches off the floor. Then let your foot drop. Lift each foot again, this time raising it higher as if floating away. Lower your feet back down. See how they naturally came back to earth? No need to fasten yourself onto the earth. Now stand up and do an exaggerated marching step ( or you can simply imagine yourself doing so). Hold each leg up for as long as you can, feel the muscles in your thighs contracting to keep your leg up. Notice how your legs eventually come back down? Stay with that feeling; let yourself experience the deep meaning of gravity doing the job that you have taken on to do yourself for so long. Imagine yourself laying on a patch of grass (or if you can find a park or patch of grass, even better!) Give the earth a hug and thank it for doing it’s job of keeping you here.


using sound for healing and transformation

Sound is vibration. The range of audible sound is small compared to the actual range of sound that exists in the universe. Music, noise, speech, sound, ultrasound, infrasound. ‘Acoustics’ is the ‘study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids. “Cymatics’ is the study of visible sound.

Sound is energy. When we think about energetic healing, sound is not usually what comes to mind. We think about chakras, auras, reiki, therapeutic touch, bodywork…

Sound is healing. The difference between music and noise is that music is rhythmical, has sounds that harmonize with eachother. Noise is sound that is random, disorganized and does not harmonize.

Welcome to this site where I hope to provide information related to using sound for healing and transformation. Please feel free to email me with questions or suggestions





Peace be with you

I’ve been going to church fairly regularly lately. Now that I’m going, I even listen to the message of the priest. I sit in the wooden church pews. It seems all churches that I have been to have wooden church pews. So today, sitting in a courtroom as part of my day job, I am sitting in a wooden pew. Defendants in front of me, standing before the judge and family members behind me, awaiting judgment.

As the DA quotes all the statements made by each defendant, the court gets quieter, the young men sound guiltier. Bail is requested for each based on the nature of their stated involvement. family members behind me start getting upset: one makes a loud gasp and leaves the courtroom, others are crying quietly into their tissues. Then the defense lawyers take their turn. Things start to get clearer, put into context. Lives are hanging in the balance.

I think about the wooden church pews. I can’t turn around to talk to these family members but I imagine I turn around, shake their hand and say ‘peace be with you’.